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Wellspring International Academy programs are anchored on UK curricula, which are considered to have the highest standards among various curricula in the world. We understand that no learners are alike so our programs are individualized, while still ensuring that your children receive high-quality instruction. This will make it easy for them to transition to university and succeed in college and beyond as our curricula will help them develop advanced higher-order, communication and thinking skills. As well as instill in them above average learning discipline.

UK Curriculum

CambriLearn, based on the British International Curriculum, a world-renowned certification recognized in over 160 countries, is the British Online Academy's primary curriculum. CambriLearn combines interactive learning content, online classroom sessions, live lessons, and marked assignments and exams for a holistic educational experience right in your home. It's hinged on British syllabus learning for Foundation, International GCSE, AS and A Levels. Perfectly complementing CambriLearn is Century Tech's intelligent intervention tool, borne out of the latest research in learning science, artificial intelligence, and neuroscience. It features micro-lessons designed to address gaps in knowledge to challenge and promote long-term memory retention.

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